Wednesday, January 5, 2011

women: relationship and identity

I'm back from my blogging hiatus. While I haven't made much art, I've been working on writing a lot about it. It's such a cathartic and clarifying experience. It enables me to both look more objectively about what I'm making, and also finally find the roots of the ideas that I've been exploring.

Two paintings got accepted to a show in Minneapolis, Minnesota. I'm learning the ins and outs of shipping artwork (and how expensive it is! Holy Moses!)

All Assembled Awaiting 
An Innumerable Company
The show is entitled Women: Relationship and Identity. Below is a description:
Women: Relationship and Identity is a fine art exhibition juried by Rachel Epp Buller, and a visual conversation about the role relationships play in the identity of women.  Whether implicit, explicit, self-imposed or from a Western sociologic construct, women are generally regarded as the more relational gender. Participating artists examine the various relationships women share, the ways those relationships contribute to their own sense of identity and the impact they have on other’s perceptions – ultimately leading to a broader understanding of the role and identity of women
Click HERE for a link to the show (that includes a list of participating artists, exhibition dates, etc.)

And if you want to share the event on Facebook, HERE's a link to that as well.

It's fun to start exhibiting my work. I've only exhibited out of state a handful of times and it's exciting to do it again! I think the show sounds beautiful. Mikey wanted to surprise me with plane tickets so we could be there for the Artist conversation (which I would participate in if I were there), but I told him flying 10 days before my due date is a really bad idea. In fact, I doubt they'd let me on the plane. However, if you happen to be in Minneapolis, you should definitely check it out! (and let me know all about it).

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  1. Paige. How neat and beautiful. I am so proud of you.